First Post - Newbie Random Questions - Master Yi

Morning Everyone, Well i have finally started playing League Of Legends. A game a day kind of situation. I started playing Darius for a few games but decided after some research to switch to Master Yi. I felt more comfortable as this character and i felt like i instantly played better than with Darius. Obviously different styles of the character. Don't ask me why but it felt like i improved massively with Master Yi and the mechanics just suited me better. Gonna dive into some random stupid questions now and please forgive my noob randomness! 1. Alpha Strike - Do i simply click the target and then spam that Q key until i am in range? i seemed to be chasing and clicking constantly. 2. After Alpha Strike you finish at the champions position. If i was auto targeting that target before the move will i continue to strike them? 3. Wuju Style - Someone please explain this to me simply. The passive is great but should i be using that ability? if So When? 4. Highlander - Love this as it crushes people but again do i need click the target to run towards them and then simply spam the R button? Also what is the combo for this? Use Alpha Strike and then Highlander or use Highlander and then Wuju Style? Advice needed That's enough newb questions for now but any advice is welcome!

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