The True Support Triangle (Disengage, Engage, Poke)

Hi all, I wanted to share my opinion about the famous Kill>Sustain>Poke>Kill triangle ( I was fascinated by that rock-paper-scissor concept and tried this theory many times out. But in practice it didnt turn out exactly like that. Now after gaining alot of expirience in this game and especially as support, i know how it should be. First of all, Sustain is a Champion Trait just like CC, Damage and Utility. Those are just tools that help to fullfil the role as a Disengage, Engage or Poke support. ______________________________________________________________________ **Disengage > Engage:** Disengage-Supports like {{champion:40}} or {{champion:223}} are great for negating an All-In attempt. These type of Support guard the ADC and wait to counter any engage with either Hard CC (Stun, Knockup/back, or taunt) or by bringing the ADC in a Safe position (Tahm Kench's Devour) or granting a spellshield/Damage mitigation effect (Morganas Black shield) or even grant complete Invulnerability to everything (Taric's Ult). Agressive Engage-Supports get super weak if they cant burst the target down and leave their own ADC open for attacks because they have only limited protective abilities. Thats how a Disengage-Support functions. They disable the strenghts of Engage-Supports and abuse their weakness. **Engage > Poke:** Engage-Supports like {{champion:412}} or {{champion:89}} can lock the enemy ADC or Support down and kill them as fast as possible. Engage-Supports favor squishy and immobile enemys with limited escape abilities. Most poke Supports fall under this category and they are the easiest to Kill by far. But a smart Engage-Support doesnt wait too long for the killing attempt, otherwise the poke support will melt his HP from afar. Thus an Engage-Support must be an agressive support and is best paired with an agressive ADC like Corki and Draven. **Poke > Disengage:** Poke supports like {{champion:161}} or {{champion:143}} can harrass the enemy ADC or Support from far away and melt their HP. Poke supports usually wait for the ADC to lasthit and hit them with an ability over and over again. Poke supports favor targets that are unable to bust their fragility. Thus they have an easy time against Disengage Supports because they dont even have gap-closing abilties and cant be agressive enough. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Heres a list of the official Supports that are acknowledgedl by Riot which i classified by their primary and strongest role: Disengage: {{champion:40}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:267}} {{champion:497}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:25}} Engage: {{champion:12}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:555}} {{champion:412}}{{champion:54}} Poke: {{champion:63}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:432}}{{champion:9}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:518}} _Info: You can check the official support list in the ban phase in ranked. Patch: 9.1._ Note: Im aware that there are champions that can fullfil more than one Role in a Game. Zyra for example is a Poke support in laning phase, but once the Teamfights starts, she transitions to a fearsome Disengage-Support with her Ult and empowered Plants. Another example would be Thresh. He is a High Tier Engage-Support with his Q and Ult but he can also let his ADC disengage with his W. Lulu's poke in laningphase is very strong, but she is a better disengage support with W and Ult trough the whole game. There are many Supports with Role transitions and Dual-Roles. But they have always **one** role which they perform better. I hope you enjoyed my Guide and im greatfull for any feedback and constructive critic. I know my English is not great (its not my native language) but i hope you have understood everything i wrote. Anyway, Thank you for reading my Guide :D ________________________________________________________________ **Edit:** Some people are still confused about Sustain. Lets define a Sustain champ. A Sustain champ can alter his or other Champions mana and healthbar. Thus Sustain Champions can stay longer in Lane and prevent from going low health or low Mana. The thing is, you cant win your Lane by Sustain alone. However it can help in certain situations. For example, if 2 engagers are going against each other and the trade ends in a draw, then the one with more sustain will win in the next trade. ______________________________________________________________ The link below is the Same Thread on Reddit if you are interested: /SummonerSchool: /Supportlol:
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