literally cannot win a ranked game

Every single game, (not exagerating) i get a select few teammates who go 0/4 before 10 min and write, "ff 15" "trash team" and just dont play serious and end up feeding hard. 90% matches i at least try to go positive, and when my team is not inting, i do quite well. But somehow every single time i think "it should be free win, lets try not to lose lead" my team ends up making %%%%%%ed plays and basically throwing the game. And after they respawn they run one by one down mid and then the other team destroys our nexus. Im really confused how my team can be that uncarriable. I used to be gold 2 eune on my banned account. This account is bronze and i thought it would be a lot easier to win games. It is very easy to win late/first blood. But by the time laning phase finishes i notice my jg and botlane is already 0/4. I try my best but I cant win. I am also getting matched with 40% 20% winrate people. and now Im about to be demoted from bronze I because every game is same story. Maybe im just really bad now, and cant climb?. I dont know honestly because it doesnt seem like my fault since I have already climbed out of silver and this is a lot more difficult. help would be appricated
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