Helping a low player friend new to game

Hi I really need a few opinions about this I've got my friend to install the game 2 days ago, I've made a smurf account to help him out hoping it would be more balanced. My original account is level 58,haven't also been playing for a while But the problem I'm having is we both round level 8 now, but in each game we get people trolling around, and it makes it hard to win even against easy bots. Few points being stuff like -AFK new players -people going 3-4 champs in one lane, and then leaving a lane open with no defence -new players doing jungle and then leaving a new player alone vs 2 AI bots on top lane then they struggle -jungle players not ganking even once the I tire game in any lanes -me and my friend calling adc and support in prematch so I can help him, doesn't matter what lane we go, most of the time another player just join our lane and don't defend the empty lanes -so a 15 min AI match becomes a 30-40 min match, as I have to go as a support and defend the empty lane and carry the game, and im not getting to the point of helping my friend, and end up leaving him alone. -even when we blind pick against humans, I've noticed that most of the time the opposing team has players avg level 22 when we have 3 avg players level 10, doenst seem balanced On this point my friend is not yet ready to play against human players in blind pick, not getting decent games to coach him playing even if I have a same level smurf acount So my question is won't it be better just to play with my high level account with him, hoping we won't have as many trolls as low level, noting that it might put him up against higher level players if we play against humans in blind pick, but atleast he would be with players playing the game a bit more the correct way, so he can learn better? Or do I keep pushing through with my low level account to help him and on what level do I switch over back to my original account?
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