Lets discuss Nexus Blitz and League Xmas

I want to say my opinion about everything is going on in League in this period of time and hear your opinion. 1) Nexus Blitz. The map and the idea looked really awesome at first. we have no stopping fighting. don't have to worry about farming much, and have quite exciting new "events" with unique rewards. but from my experience, the mode is way too much snowbally, if someone gets ahead it gets impossible to comeback, defensive playstyle is unplayable and no chance to stall for your late game power spike. while some missions are ridiculously forcing us to play a ton of games (but if you don't care about nexus tokens like me it's ok). I don't see this mode enjoyable while riot have a lot of great modes to play and no, I don't ask for URF (I would like to play it but there are other fun to play modes). what do you guys think about Nexus Blitz? Do you play it for fun or just for the rewards? 2) Toxicity. I guess everyone tasted not only salty winter roads but preseason ranked games too. There are a lot of posts created about this so I won't repeat them, but want to point one thing out. All these pots get a lot of upvotes and comments who agree with them, but then I see a lot of people who want to get their permabanned acc back and all other people still upvote their posts and say that riot is unfair. Just make your mind people. I don't say there aren't people who got banned for something they didn't really deserve, but all the people who make our games unplayable now maybe have their reasons too so let's be more merciful to everybody. 3) I just want to say an enormous thank you to all the positive players who make this game great and Riot who tries their best to make us happy (and spend our money xd) also for a ton of key fragment I got while playing this month and event's loot. Did you guys get an unreasonable amount of keys this month too? happy Christmas everyone!
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