[Tutorial] How get the best Match Making EVER!

Common, everyone knows that the **End Season** is the same. Loads of people paying or asking their friends to climb on ladder. Know what? Do some **MACHINE LEARNING** stuff to solve this. *For aliens who never heard about it, It is just telling a computer what is true or not and it can identify patterns. So, do you agree that high elo players have a different play style? Well. It is obviously. **Diamonds+** have your own characteristic metrics as farm, position, objectives. You can easily classify based on it. (meanwhile low elo do not do any of it) Let me try explain how a **Data Scientist** could solve it: - Get or data how** Diamond+** play - Collect how some **Diamonds+** to play on **Bronze/Silver**, and get this data. - Get data how Bronze/Silver actually play. (See my matches) - Train your machine learning classifier, and **BANG!** YOU HAVE A MODEL. - Now, if those guys were classified as "over performance" (e. g. 3 times) you put them in a special queue xD Expected result: - People as bad as I can play without losing their temper... **Thanks God**. Or **give me** some **money**, just for research propose. I could do that in my free time instead of being frustrated with those games. That's it =* Love/hate you guys.
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