Nexus blitz feedback and suggestions

Just a few thoughts about nexus blitz Firstly and most importantly Bardle Royale will sometimes have the ring centre over a tower which is an automatic lose for a team and can loose you the game as your being forced into a throw. It should always centre towards the middle of the map as it’s fair for either side Secondly bans would be nice... just a way to change which champions are picked but not massively... not important but wouldn’t go amiss. Thirdly and less importantly a suggestion... why not add in a few old champions as cameos. A lot of people miss their old mains and as old items are returning why not make old champions part of the events... it would be cool to have to fight an old AD sion or aatrox as a raid boss type event... or better yet poppy... or have old Yorick ghouls invade the map and you have to kill them (or have a reward where your minions become old Yorick ghouls). I feel like as with the old items it would be a nice nod to the older players who had these champions in their games or even mained them. Jus my initial thoughts
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