What is your main reason why play specific champion ?

I've been wondering lately what is player's main reason why they play idk Zac for example, is it personality of the character, because he is currently "OP" or simply because of it's gameplay, whatever the reason I would like to know what is yours ? Personally I am playing {{champion:268}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:202}} purely because of their personality + their voices just feel so good. Even tho I have been maining {{champion:268}} since his release {{champion:202}} is my "new" favourite character, killing as the form of art, damn that's good. {{champion:161}} is someone who learns by killing + I got this feeling of math whenever I play him so it is also nice. {{champion:268}} is just an emperor which is definitely my cup of tea, there is no other way to put it, I just love emperors. And new addition to my collection is reworked {{champion:82}}, he is super fun to play, like I wouldn't play him on solo q because I am trash Top-lane but everywhere else ? Obviously, like no matter how much am I losing, my team feeds, flames or w.e happens, there is no time for me to not have fun with him. Best rework ever {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}

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