Soon we will all get permabanned.

I was just leveling my account on eu west over bot games. I am close to level ten. Then suddenly this popped out after the game. I played over 50 bot games on that account only, I never verbally abused someone or swared something to someone (and why should I on friking bot games?) yet I am still toxic as hell. In my last game my only chat was something like this: "Your ping MS is bazinga right" (It's because I was in a game with Yasuo who was named "Sheldon Cooper" and he complained about high ping ms) "What u want" (When Jax said to report me for some reason) Tell me how am I supposed to get level 30 and start playing ranked when bans are threat already at friking level 14. If you are able to play one year without getting a single warrning, you should be in museum posted as a unique and perfect creature.
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