A thank you note for 10 years of League

I've been writing a cover letter for an open job position at Riot Games in the Middle-East and got a bit too carried away in my thank you section. So I decided to chop it up and just post a small bit of the thank you note for Riot. **A Legend's Arrival** _I was changed by it, we all were._ _A Legend’s arrival with no one to rival,_ _You have taken our hearts, and we can only hope your love never departs,_ _we would not want it any other way, our only desire is for you to stay._ Thank you for all the things you’ve done for me, the gaming community, and the world. Sometimes we flame you but please know that we do it with love and passion for the game and world you created. Happy 10-Year Anniversary and I hope this game stays as successful as ever. I can’t wait to see what Riot has in store for us in the next 10-year. P.S. I wanted to add this bit after that Veigar game by Fnatic against SKT, but I felt like it didn't fit. Here it is anyway. _Your arrival cannot be undone for we have truly stepped beyond the event horizon._
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