Riot needs to get their shit togheter.

First, TFT. You know, fine, it's just to hop on the hype train. Then, Eternals. Why? I am dying inside as I'm typing this just %%%%ing wondering what drove such a good company to do this. But fine, whatever. They *sure* need more money. There's so much questionable moves from Riot lately. Barebone events, lowkey Fortnite Battle Passes, Prestige skins, TFT Little Legends, the Eternals which will litterally COST REAL MONEY TO ADD ACHIEVEMENT TRACKERS TO CHAMPIONS? Honestely, if there isn't a SG event or something of the sort soon, I'm just gonna quit playing this game. Riot (or better say Tencent) has become too greedy for me to bare with. Hope Riot comes to their senses and either stops this Eternal bullshit, or makes it semi-free. That and fix their events. Done just getting 10 missions and a skin shard or 2 per event. This isn't an Event. This is a joke. Best Regards, RogueDek
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