what the hell rito chat restrict for this?!

Ok so i got chat restricted for 10 matches no big deal but upcoming next is ban and i allredy lost an acc so i dont want this again cuz the system is broken!Just look for what i got restricton! Game 1 Mádwife: i might have problems vs annie Mádwife: so if i will have problems please gank me O.K.? Mádwife: really? :D Mádwife: i out-dance out of you! Mádwife: look at me Mádwife: look at how i outdance them Mádwife: ok Mádwife: can i have the second blue? Mádwife: really need it Mádwife: ty Mádwife: omg sry master Mádwife: wtf Mádwife: what but my stun just desepeared xD Mádwife: :( Mádwife: garen play safe Mádwife: :( Mádwife: sorry again Mádwife: 13 farm ahead Mádwife: What Mádwife: the Mádwife: fuck Mádwife: atleast alistar its feed xD Mádwife: WHY NOT ULT HER GAREN Mádwife: WTF Mádwife: report garen please Mádwife: not about this Mádwife: you counter riven and you do this think Mádwife: you screw this up Mádwife: how? Mádwife: you are a juggernout! Mádwife: and why are you afraid o use ult? Mádwife: to* Mádwife: oh ty for help botlane Mádwife: garen use TP for team fights Mádwife: PLEASE Mádwife: WHO DARES TO SUMMON ME?! Mádwife: report garen please Mádwife: he just waited in the bush Mádwife: All the time Mádwife: wth Mádwife: uff so close for a quad Mádwife: ty for reporting garen Mádwife: this garen its so confused Mádwife: hes like Mádwife: "where the hell am i? Mádwife: SHE FLASHED XD Mádwife: riven is smurfing not fair Mádwife: :D Mádwife: Talk to the hand! :)) Mádwife: balanced Mádwife: that guy is just confused Mádwife: he cant play with us Mádwife: but he can push Mádwife: playing versus draven/annie/riven is so nice Mádwife: like the map looks so much better in black and white Mádwife: lel Mádwife: vayne is so yello melo Mádwife: :3 Mádwife: he no care Mádwife: xd Mádwife: ward plox Mádwife: ill secure it Mádwife: uff Mádwife: lellelelelelelellele Mádwife: master yi wth Mádwife: Garnie protection fart Mádwife: g Mádwife: the big problem is garen i think Mádwife: look at him Mádwife: why was he atacking me Mádwife: he ulted Mádwife: 1 hp Mádwife: i cant take it sorry Mádwife: im just done i want to surr Mádwife: #balance Mádwife: pls nerf Mádwife: go go go Mádwife: GO GO GO INSPECTOR GAGET! Mádwife: if they dont focus me Mádwife: i wouldnt buy a rageblade Mádwife: gg wp? Mádwife: ill be ur MVP Mádwife: but Mádwife: but Mádwife: but Mádwife: but Mádwife: master Mádwife: vayne didnt finish the job Mádwife: no Mádwife: :3 Mádwife: if i would know now i was going to play Overwatch Mádwife: soooooo Mádwife: shh Mádwife: i got this Mádwife: draven XOXOXO Mádwife: WTF Mádwife: 717 dmg?! Mádwife: reported for hax Mádwife: haha Mádwife: i made you flame my job is done! Mádwife: :3 Mádwife: shhhhh Mádwife: no need to rege Mádwife: ^^ Mádwife: dont worry Mádwife: i will unleash my full power with my new build Mádwife: ! Mádwife: stolen Mádwife: unleash the full power Mádwife: UNLEASH THE POWER Mádwife: well Mádwife: we will lose if you flame me Mádwife: so you flame me Mádwife: we lose Mádwife: izi Mádwife: lol Mádwife: they want to report me after flame insults and repeatetly trashtalk Mádwife: so yeah Mádwife: cant play in this conditions Mádwife: :D Mádwife: "go die stupid" Mádwife: "fcking noob you have tryed 5 times" Mádwife: wanna tell them more or your 75 matches with chat restrict will be enough? Mádwife: watch and learn kido Mádwife: now i got sheen Mádwife: all acorded to my plan Mádwife: hehehe Mádwife: and no this is not trolling Mádwife: this is constructive fun time with builds Mádwife: what a wanderfuel match Mádwife: ^^ Mádwife: thx Mádwife: kimng Mádwife: king Mádwife: :3 Game 2 Mádwife: WTF Mádwife: ..... Mádwife: IM LAGGING Mádwife: nicee 200 ping Mádwife: nice help at red trynd Mádwife: WTF Mádwife: kata Mádwife: i asked for help are you blind? Mádwife: ok then Mádwife: ill be bussy too when you will need a gank Mádwife: stop bitching you instantlocked kata .... Mádwife: may i repeat? Mádwife: you INSTANTLOCKED kata Mádwife: lol?! Mádwife: I WAITED TILL THE LAST SEC Mádwife: I EVEN ASKED THAM IF HE WANTS JUNGLE Mádwife: JESUS Mádwife: this kids Mádwife: lol Mádwife: pls report kata for 1) Bitching 2) Lying Mádwife: I've must been a criminal in the past to deserve you in this team Mádwife: yeah sure while you are premaded you say "report" Mádwife: well done Mádwife: you discovered the mute button Mádwife: gj tham Mádwife: ^^ Mádwife: btw can you tell in all chat that kata lies Mádwife: i mean ffs i asaked you what you want Mádwife: :| Mádwife: oky Mádwife: not lo0st Mádwife: not lost till the last sec Mádwife: so what are you going to do? Mádwife: Say " report report report gg wp easy" Mádwife: or "let's do it as a team?" Mádwife: :3 Mádwife: just deff ok? Mádwife: you can do it Mádwife: i belive in you Mádwife: you still got late game Mádwife: just go for devourer Mádwife: and stack that shit up Mádwife: and you will turn it arround Mádwife: ^^ Mádwife: but if you are going to do this all the match Mádwife: its not going to work Mádwife: thx god kata muted me if shw was going to hear what i just said to you she was going to flame me so bade Mádwife: Bad* Mádwife: you can use ult for deff Mádwife: shaco you can use ult to "doge" some of kata's ult Mádwife: or ult and then Q fast out of it Mádwife: ok? ^^ Mádwife: oh :( Mádwife: see Mádwife: you'll be fine Mádwife: Shaco dont let you're self down Mádwife: NEED STAKS OMG Mádwife: ... Mádwife: Shaco Mádwife: man Mádwife: take devourer it will help you Mádwife: you should work on skillshot doging Mádwife: dogeing* Mádwife: deff top Mádwife: wow Mádwife: this kata is stupid Mádwife: gg wp Mádwife: lol Mádwife: stfu\ Game 3 Mádwife: q.q Mádwife: you are red Mádwife: wtf Mádwife: top side team is red down side team is blue -.- Mádwife: rengar wtfff Mádwife: how?! Mádwife: and why did you even fight him Mádwife: you missed Mádwife: not outplayed Mádwife: wtf Mádwife: mhm yeah Mádwife: Thx rito Mádwife: for showing me under tower Mádwife: and then die Mádwife: this is why i play hearthstone Mádwife: no lagg Mádwife: thxxx Mádwife: need gank mid pls Mádwife: WTF Mádwife: WHAT WAS THAT? Mádwife: :( Mádwife: well Mádwife: we arent doing THAT bad Mádwife: we are ok Mádwife: hehehehe Mádwife: :((((((((( Mádwife: :3 Mádwife: well ur not the one who killed me Mádwife: hehehehe Mádwife: Wtf Mádwife: my flash is on cooldown but i didnt teleported? Mádwife: say whaaat Mádwife: teleport* Mádwife: that was clear enough so you can understand so stop bitching Mádwife: whattt Mádwife: but how did i die? :D Mádwife: q.q Mádwife: asked how not why Mádwife: :D:D:D Mádwife: Antonio Phantera xD Mádwife: dafuq Mádwife: kata did like 2 dmg Mádwife: but she got the kill xD Mádwife: i did my combo nothing is on cooldown Mádwife: wtf Mádwife: you are lvl like 12 and you didnt play adc?! Mádwife: team Mádwife: u Mádwife: why fight her? Mádwife: HOW DID KATA KILL ME WTF Mádwife: lol Mádwife: didnt see it q.q Mádwife: said 5/10 Mádwife: 0/3 Mádwife: 3/4 Mádwife: 3/4 Mádwife: 5/10 Mádwife: bitch pls Mádwife: huh Mádwife: wood 5 Mádwife: report rumble pls Mádwife: and rengar Mádwife: flaming all the time Mádwife: yeah Mádwife: go say what i said parrot Mádwife: :D Mádwife: wow bronze toughts Mádwife: yes we can win :|:|| Mádwife: atleast i dont have to take more cancer from you Mádwife: have you ever got the bug where when you refund an item your hp Mádwife: goes low? Mádwife: ;3 Mádwife: so cute Mádwife: dat q sivir xD Mádwife: UFF Mádwife: :( Mádwife: dont hurt the kitty!! Mádwife: honor tahm Mádwife: whaat Mádwife: hi :3 Mádwife: We need to learn from sivir hd Mádwife: rengo Mádwife: What Mádwife: How much hp zilian Mádwife: wtf Mádwife: RUMBLE Mádwife: report rumble pls Mádwife: noob Mádwife: wtf Mádwife: oh yeah thats nice Mádwife: but pls Mádwife: report rubmle
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