Insanely bad LP gains at Grandmaster+

I've looked at my twitter feed and have seen lots of players from different regions complained about them getting a very low LP gains like we used to at one point at early stages of the season. Played on my EUNE Grandmaster account and i got the same low amount of LP (10 LP) while waiting 10+ min for a Queue and 3 min to get into a game. So basically i waited longer than the LP gained (10 lp , 13 min waiting). It's terrible to say the least, and this is just another example of why people consider smurfing rather than playing on a main account. During the season we also had couple of times very LP gains but that was due to Rank 1 being far ahead in LP of Rank 2. This occurred on multiple regions. Would be nice if this was addressed so higher divisions can actually play because right now, including myself, no one wants to even play at those ranks just for a small fraction of LP.
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