Farewell boards.

When I first arrived to the boards ( I played the game 5 years before joining in - around 2 years ago), I was so eager to share the knowledge I accumulated throughout the years. I played this game for over 7 years, on a daily basis, no breaks, no bullshit. Managed to get to diamond mostly by playing jungle, I worked a quite a lot for where I am now. I became a regular, spending quite some time here. I visited on a 2-3 hourly basis, commenting a lot. Was trying to help here and there, and also have some fun. My posts might have not all been of high quality, but I'm pretty sure I gave away some info that came in handy to a bunch of players, lurking around here. I was so happy to find people that share my interest, and that I have someone to talk with, about my favourite past-time activity, League of Legends. I know that I had quite a rough style, my choice of words was sometimes harsh - that was my way of getting my message across. If I offender anyone, well, you know how it is - you shouldn't get offended over the internet... not a smart move. Anyhow, You guys know, sometimes in life, you have to put things on a scale, and see if they are balanced out or not. I sadly feel that my time here, is wasted. Some people are so damned close minded, no matter what proof you bring up, you can't change their minds. Facts lose, emotions and the power of the masses win - demagogy101. You just can't reason here. Some people will firmly believe that 2+2 is 5. There's no God, that can change their minds. Their knowledge, and understanding of the situation - is the universal truth. No other option is possible. At least I saw what the Dunning–Kruger cognitive bias looks like - so I've got that going on for me I guess..... Then - there's that beautiful place we call player behaviour. All the "unfair-bans" - every freakin time, it's some kid with anger issues who can't control his fingers. They never get it - they just don't. No matter how you explain them, where did they f#$k up, they will still believe they're innocent. Are they delusional, not too smart, or just trolling ? I will never find out I guess. Is there some kind of a gameplay or server related issue? Embrace yourselves - the HUNDREDS of posts, describing EXACTLY THE SAME THING, posted every 5minutes - are coming. There's no stopping them. They show no mercy. Oh - there are 17 posts about an issue ? Lemme be the 18th, maybe people didn't see the rest (that make up the whole list by the way). Yikes.... Don't even get me started..... I'm leaving with quite a bad taste in my mouth, after this quite a long period of time, that I spent here. I feel that I could have done something way more productive with my time. But wait - This doesn't mean, that I didn't have fun, or didn't meet quality people in the time I was here. Febos, Smerk, a good bunch of Greens, a couple of reds, and many more good people - it was an honour. Hopefully you guys will never turn into the salty cynical asshole - that I've become, because of these boards. I just can't do this any more.... I feel that it's time I left this forum. That's just about what I had in mind. Take care everyone, may the ELO gods smile down upon you in this upcoming season. With kind regards, The Lane Police
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