Stop complaining.

Hello everyone! Today I'm gonna rant about people who complain about Ahri having too many skins and about people who complain about SG skins. Remember when Star Guardian Ahri was only a concept art? [Yeah,that purple SG Ahri that probably became the inspiration for SG Syndra]( The point about it is that the community wanted this skin, so many people told the author that its really good and all that stuff but NOW when SG skins came out everyone's complaining about ahri having too many skins **xD! ** Well, Ahri's one of the easiest champions to make skins for and that's one of the main reasons why she's getting so MANY! skins. Oh, remember the Arcade Ahri? Yeah the one with rainbow tails. [Some old custom skin]( [even older custom skin]( Hello custom skins! _Community also wanted these skins.. _ We're probably gonna get Pool Party Ahri too 'cause, uhhh [yeahhh]( Also, Ahri gives money > Riot wants money because this game is F2P in order to keep the game going they need freaking money! Not even saying anything about all the E-Girls that make their boyfriends buy skins for them and ofc E-Girls play Ahri lulz But what about SG Skins? Well, SG theme is really good when it comes to lore and animations (we even got gamemode this year!) also skins are really good looking, yet they still get a lot of hate. God where did you people come from? Anime is even more popular than League in internet, why wouldn't Riot get skins related to Magical Girls when it gives a lot of money cause there are E-Girls who will buy all of them? And please, stop complaining about champions that didnt get a single skin like Illaoi or Asol_ No1 cares bout Tali ;-;_ Because they will get a skin when they will become meta champions :^) Like seriously, do you think its worth it to release a skin for a champ that no1 ever plays? No, its not. It's also hard af to make an Illaoi skin, like what can u give Illaoi? A hentai skin? Anyways, my main point is that some people just should STFU if they have no idea how skins are created. Have a great day. _Oh also the cassio mains, your champ is getting skin in few weeks stfu._ **AND STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT THINGS THAT MOST PEOPLE WANT XD** {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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