Yeappp ... there are so many people playing League of Legends right now, but when we talk about online gaming, everybody falls under different category. Here are the 10 types of WORST LoL players in my opinion. **Tell me in comments which one annoys you the most and which one are you!** So here are the 10 worst types of LOL players. Let's start off with the top 3 classics. 1. _The flamer._ This is probably the most common type, which can be seen in almost every game. Usually plays very bad, blames everybody else for being bad, but not himself, if he is ADC he always blames the support, if he is MID/TOP blames the jungler. There's no way that he is playing support, he is too good for that .. > Memorable quotes: fucking noob team, report jungler no ganks, OMG HELP ME NOOBS, retard team, uninstall the game, omg my team useless .. _2. The "smurf"_. Another really annoying type of player. We're not talking about real smurfs right now, but .. "smurfs". The thing is, his main Bronze 5 acc probably got banned for flaming so he made a new one and accidentally got put in Silver V division. Now he thinks that he is God and starts the bronze games with "I'm smurf, let me take kills and I'll carry". Usually gets fed, goes 1v5 and dies, then blames the "noob" team for being useless. Cause you know .. they don't need kills, he can carry alone right? He is finally silver after all. __________________________ _3. The 12 year old._ This is probably the most annoying type of player, cause he usually f*cks your mother every time you steal his kill. He is lucky, cause it happens all the time. Anyway, this type of player is usually the worst teammate and has a 90% chance of feeding or going afk. His main champions are Zed,Yasuo,Master Yi or Katarina and if you ban them he will go troll. > Memorable quotes: "hahahah get rekt noob", "i fcked your mom yesterday xD", "omg noob champ idiot", "come 1v1 after game noob", "get cancer you fuckin loser", "omg let me do triple you stealing piece of shit", "gg easy", "lucky noob". _______ _4. _ The "gl hf" guy. Starts the game with "gl hf" and ends it with "gg wp". That's all he says during the entire game. The rest of the game he is farming, probably listening to his favorite songs and doesn't give a sh*t about the game. Main lane is top lane and his favorite champion is Nasus. _______ _5._ The lagging one. His PC is so crappy, he plays the game with 20 fps and feeds all the time. Will spend 20% of the game staying AFK or explaining how crappy his computer is. Thanks to this guy, loading screen continues 10 minutes. As soon as the game starts he says "sorry guys" and disconnects again. _________ _6. The rager._ So this guy is different than the flamer. He doesn't blame his teammates, neither he flames or insults, but he is complaining all the time. He is raging when he gets killed, he is raging when enemies take drake, he is raging when he fails, he is raging when he gets dealt a lot of damage, he is raging all the time. Not that bad as the flamer, but it's still quite annoying. Caps lock must be on all the time. > Memorable quotes: "WTF IS THAT LEBLANC DAMAGE", " OH GREAT ENEMIES GOT ANOTHER DRAKE", " WTF I GOT STUCK AT THE MINIONS ", " WTF THAT TOWER RANGE", "WHY DIDN'T MY ULT WORK?!?!?", " OMG HE ESCAPED AT 10 HP FFS", " AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ". _______ _7. The off-topic._ He is not here to play the game. He is here to discuss politics, religion, science and everything else but not the game. Usually tells people how bad their grammar is and how they should "educate themselves". He doesn't care about feeding cause it's "just a game" and if you tell him to start playing, instead of talking he will tell you to "get a life". He believes that he is far more intelligent than everybody else on this game and starts playing just to boost his ego and tell people how dumb they are. In reality his understanding of politics is the same as his understanding of the game. ________ _8. The "girl"._ He loves to pretend being a girl. Usually has a summoner name like "SweetCupcake", "VanillaPudding", "KawaiiGirl", " Cookieees" and so on. Uses ^^, :3 and " awww " all the time, asks for honor at the end of every game and complains about "sexism" when you tell him he sucks in the game (and actually he does). However it's more than obvious that it's not a girl, but some random fat virgin hungry for attention and free skins. ______ _9. The troll. _ He goes trolling all the time. It's either because he is so bad to actually play, or he gets mad when he doesn't get to play the champion or role he wants. He "doesn't care about this game anyway", but will play to troll the entire game, instead of just going afk. > Memorable quotes: " I don't care if I get banned, I have a life, not like you", "I troll cause I don't are anyway", "get a girlfriend loser", " I'm here to have fun, not being a tryhard .. " ______ .... And last, but not least. _10. The actual no lifer._ This guy plays 20 games a day, is usually platinum +, but when he gets in normal games he gets matched with bronzies, God knows why. He will spend the entire game teaching you how to play and telling you how bad you are. He will blame the jungler and his teammates every time he dies, or if the game goes good and he wins, he will type in chat "get carried". When he loses his lane, he will start bashing the opponent for being a lower division than him, regardless of his skills and will call you "Autistic" if you died 1 more time than him. So there is it folks. Which type of annoying player do you hate the most? Tell me in comments below!
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