Riot you did amazing job this year, we appreciate it!

_Of course by Riot I mean Lore, Animation and Music team excluding Balance team / nothing personal guys It's just that you guys are the worst.../_ All the animations, music and the lore everything was amazing there is not a single bad thing about those 3 things. In my opinion this game is still not dead thanks to you guys, It doesn't matter how much the Balance team is trying to kill the game you guys are saving it again and again and again... I just have no words how amazing you guys are, If the Balance team was even near to your Level this game would be the best game in the world... _I Don't think that there is someone who doesn't like the Music, Lore or the Art, is there ? I don't think..._ P.S: I hope you guys get paid more than those chimps at the Balance department lol
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