Supports!!! Let me hear you!!!

How many times were you abused by you ADC on bot!!! ...ehm, pardon, "Marksman" How many times were you accused by your ADC...oh f*cking sh*t....Marksman for not saving him from a unsavable situation!!! How many times were you sh*t talked by the rest of the team for having no vision, but you wards only last 150 seconds!!! Its time we took up our {{item:3069}} , {{item:3092}} and {{item:3401}} and don't stay silent no more!!! We should receive the honor we deserve, for we play the most noble of all roles on the Fields of Justice!!! We do the most generous gestures and asked nothing in return!!! Now is the time to take matters in our own hands, and not let any ADC...ok I despise this already....Marksman tell us they are the Gods of our game and can threat us as they like!!! We need a leader, and we need to build a great wall of self confidence so that the illegal accusations of our team can't get to us!!! We need to stand up for ourselves!!! Support the League of Legends Support Party!!! Vote today!!! Kind regards. PS: This is just a sh*t post, Supports can't become greater than they already are. Keep up the good work brothers!!! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}

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