I hit the jackpot!

Yesterday evening I played a game with friends. One of them had a S score, so I got a chest for it. It happened to be the most lucky chest in all of our league experience. Below is the breakdown. First Chest contents: Gemstone Extra Chest Key Skinshard Extra Chest contents: Another Chest Key ~500 OE Another Chest contents: Yet another Chest Key skinshard Yet another Chest contents: skinshard At this point my friends mood were already changing from glad for me to faked salty. I decided to keep the winning streak going and bought a masterwork chest with the gemstone I got from the first chest. Masterwork chest contents: Another Masterwork chest key skinshard Another Masterwork chest contents: Dunkmaster Darius skinshard!!! I had enough to make DM Darius, a skin that have been wanting for a long time now. The other four skinsshards I rerolled together with 2 shards I still had. So after this process I ended up with 3 nice skins: DM Darius, Prevoid Kassadin and Scorched Xerath. All from one chest. Thank you Riot!
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