Question about macros

In a recent thread it has been discussed that what sort of third party programms are allowed, in this same thread i'v red about macros, the guy, who was answering questions (not a rioter) said that a acro is forbidden if activates a line of spelles at once. Now here comes my question: A lot of people, (including me) love to tilt their opponents with BM-ing, is it okay if i have a macro, thats presses R and Ctrl+6 (Mastery emote) at the same time, becouse flashing a lvl 7 emote on Veigar while laughing, becouse you one-shotted the enemy Ahri with an R is just the too great to not to use. Also there is a way to bind the mastery emote (if you dig in the game files a bit) to R, resulting in the same ult + emote stuff, is that okay? Becouse you modify the game files, but it still doesn't help you with anything but BM-ing.
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