Ability to see login IP Address in client/web

Hello, summoners and rioters. I was hoping a dev would hear me out and give a little thought about implementing a functionality to be able to see your login IP's for the past few months for security reasons. I play League of Legends quite often, mostly with friends. However, recently I had an incident where my account was compromised. But not in the way you'd think. I'm a Software Engineer myself, so I take off my PC well. Making sure there's no adware/spyware/keyloggers/RATs, etc. So back on track. In February, while logged in League AFK'ing. I get a message from the client claiming "Your account has been logged in from another computer." As far as I know, I've never shared my account with anyone. And I know my PC is clean. Though I panicked a little, the client has been buggy for me showing me offline sometimes even though I'm online, so I blamed the client for bugging out and just went back to playing. A few weeks later when I'm trying to play with friends, I realise I see my friends offline (even though they were clearly online) or not even on my friends list anymore. I had to add them again. Which really pissed me off and blamed the client for being super weird and buggy now. A few games later when we're taking a break from League I get the same message "Your account has been logged in from another computer." At this point, I had a little doubt if someone was actually using my account. I checked all the stats. No games played, my Blue Essence and Riot Points weren't touched. Everything seemed normal. So I didn't bother changing my password just yet. Third strike out! I logged in, the client gave me a notification that "****** has opened your gift". At this point, I'm like dam. He got me good. I saw he used all my RP to send himself 2 gifts. I quickly went to info section to check what gifts were sent. Only 2 champions and not even a skin xD. So I quickly went and rescanned my PC (all clean) and changed my password to an 18 char password (hell yeah). I then contact Rito Support. Very friendly and helpful. Reverted my account and informed me to scan my PC with an antivirus and change my password (which I already did). I asked the support if I can see the IP addresses my account that was used to log in. Unfortunately, the process is long and cruel so ofc I didn't go ahead with that. I asked if he can inform devs on what they think about adding this feature to the client for security reasons. What got me interested is that this person has been monitoring my League activity for at least 2 months before sending himself a gift. He has been monitoring the date and time I play my games so he can log in accordingly and do what he needs to do. Which I didn't realise people would do. Hats of to him for that patience. As I regularly buy RP. He could have easily purchased RP and gifted himself some Skins, which he didn't but others may. So for someone, so would have access to your account who's in a different time-zone. Can easily do things while you're asleep and you'll only find out when you log in the next time. Or even worse for someone who hasn't played in a while and sees his RP is all gone. Ofc PayPal purchase will be easily spotted sometimes. Luckily I caught him 2 mins into the action as you can see in the screenshot below. Yes, Riot can reverse this, but for those who aren't tech-savvy and might get regularly infected would have an issue here. So dev's. What do you think? Would be appropriate for users to view their logged in IP addresses for the past few months? Yes, if the intruder is in your account he can see your IP address, which would at most give away your ISP's server location. There isn't much harm the intruder can do. So it's more plus for the summoner! https://imgur.com/a/rCWmy Kind Regards A very kind and loving summoner.
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