Learning to play jung? #neveragain

So I watched: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YVUCpWpndKU and I felt inspired to try my hand at jungling once more. I would like to learn jungle, but it feels like such a punishing role. I've tried playing jung in the past but my lack of game knowledge only ended in disappointment or everyone on my team flaming me. So I'm trying to get better at jungling to possibly main this role or at least so I can be better prepared the next time I'm autofilled in promos. So far my experience has been muy malo. It feels like I'm constantly coming up against a lot of jungle mains, and I barely have enough time to react or room to breath to even apply anything I've learned. I've mostly been trying out Jax jungle. I heard Xin Zhao and Udyr are pretty good for learning, though I find Jax fun to play and I think that gives me a little more incentive. I just played a game versus a J4 jungle, we seemed evenly matched in level and experience, the game was going at a good pace, but I noticed the enemy team would roam in jung and river a lot with their jung. I noticed my bot lane was struggling in the early game. I tried to gank at level 3, which only ended with me being forced to back. OK I'm pretty sure their bot lane was smurfing, but still, after that I just lost pace. I think I was doing fairly OK clearing my camps, but I couldn't secure objectives or ganks. Anytime I warded or moved on drake I would get caught out by the enemy team with their jungler. I fell so far back behind. In the end we lost the game with the enemy taking 6 drakes (3 infernals), Rift Herald, and 2 Elder Drakes. In terms of stats I wasn't that far behind from the enemy jung, but we lost so much in map control. None of my lanes were able to come back, and I had zero impact in the game. I was getting 1 shot by their adc, and when I tried to look for picks my team would disengage or not commit. I could hardly participate from range, and it felt like anytime I tried to help my team would panic and retreat, which didn't really give me much confidence to engage in team fights. I guess this is mostly just me venting, but as far as my jung experiences go, this is one of my worst. I tried to surrender this game but my team was pretty tilted. I was held hostage for the entire 38:55 of grief. I guess I learned a lot from that match, but it honestly didn't feel worth it at all. I always felt like jung was such a high pressure role. But I can also see how the role is still appealing. I mean, when it's going great it's great (I guess that applies to anything). But I think I'm going to take a rain check. Learning the role is so punishing, it feels like you're heavily dependent on your lanes to start off or I don't know, maybe once I get better at the champ/role it might actually be more fun. One benefit at least are the shorter que times.
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