how about not reworking champions that actually work? (janna, lulu, sona,nami...)

Riot Employee Hints at New Support in the Works
We may see a new League of Legends support in the bot lane for 2017. In response to a request for more supports on the League of Legends forum, Anderi "Meddler" van Roon, the lead champion designer at Riot Games, responded that it was the company's intention "to release a champion this year who should work well in a traditional support playstyle."
Why is riot even reworking them? especially janna feels unique like she is right now. There is no need for complicated plainly stupid new mechanics. Janna is fine the way she is right now, she's still fairly popular and has always been fairly popular, She's fun to play with, feels unique, has some micromechanics to master like blocking dashes and timing shield and ult, while still being fairly easy to pick up for anyone that can't master her skills. she's one of the few champs you don't need extreme mechanics for to be efficient with and it would be a real shame if riot changed her skillset. Recent reworks haven't been that nice eighter. Keep it simple and accessible and stupid, thats the key to success. And the previous strenght of some of these champs. While their kits are straight forward they do allow you to be able to use them really efficiently. Riot has been changing too many of these champions simple spells to extremely complicated abonomations that just aren't fluent to use. (looking at you warwick q). There's nothing wrong with a simple champion. Janna has consistently been a good and popular pick. she is unique already. Nami is actually quite good as she is aswell. Just like Lulu. There's is nothing wrong with having some champions with easy spells. These spells are easyer for newer players to use aswell and allow for a more fun experience.
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