lcs players never surrender , why should we ?

there were some Korean lcs players surrender in the past and even before the inhibs went down , but i have never seen players even vote to surrender this year , i just hope surrender vote is removed in competitive play , i just cant stand people voting to surrender in ranked while score is 13-20 in 30 min its just stupid to think we cant make a comeback and YES 4 votes to 1 and and we lost that game , if players really aren't having fun while they're getting smashed , yeah i think not voting yes would be kindda rude , since your forcing them to play a game they dont want to play . but surrender vote is mostly used for the negative aspect of it . i just wish u could call surrender vote , only and if only your team is getting really smashed voting to surrender in my opinion is considered negative behavior if u have a good chance of coming back I hate this "its already lost guys" when we weren't that behind and we just made a few mistakes riot really needs to put more conditions to vote for surrendering , or just remove it

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