Riot, why not give a new permanent new map with a new gamemode?

It is boring to play only the same things. Do you want to choose a champion? go draft> rift/ treeline. Ranked> go rift/treeline. Don't you want to play those maps? Then go to aram BUT you have no option to choose a champion. Why not adding a new permanent map where you can CHOOSE a champion and a game that takes UNDER 15 minutes. There is nothing much you can do in leaque of legends. The dominion was something like that, a permanent new map with other game mode chooseble characters and under 15min. Are there any plans or something that will happen. Event maps like bloodmoon game and project, is not something what everyone can play when he want, even now there is also nothing to do than what i mention before. Even for me as a serious rank player, want to play sometimes relax games for fun that not does take too much time and which i can take a champion.
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