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**League of Free RP (over 18s):** Watch a video or read below: https://youtu.be/2S2MIaBHFII (for those who worry it might be a scam - i am not taking anything from you, so to put it simply there is no way i can scam you anyway even if i tried) _Hello my fellow League of Legendians! Today I can offer you how to get 10 euro RP gift code for free! Well not exactly free, but it will cost you 5 minutes of your time. I can assure you it is not a scam of any sort and i would like anyone who receives RP pack from me to leave a positive review in forum please. The catch is simple - all you need to do is make an account on a website and verify your account and you will receive coins. I want them coins transferred to me and in exchange i will buy you 10 euro RP pack!! For further instructions join my discord channel which is automated, and has detailed explanations, plus has “support” and “ask a question” channel._ **Discord link**: [discord.io/FGGG](https://discord.io/FGGG) or [discord.gg/BdEjAT6](https://discord.gg/BdEjAT6)
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