So tomorrow will be 8th ...

**** **_What did you do this season?_** I got silver 2 from those 10 games (7 won). I reached gold 5 in less than a month. Now for me the fun begins. I struggled a lot in Gold div. Every . Single . Time when I got gold 2 I somehow went down in Gold 5. The reason? Well my champion pool was large. I wasn't an OTP main to climb faster. What's the problem to play a lot of champs? I didn't know what to do in certain situations , resulting in a lose. Three months passed ... and I was still in Gold 3. I started to main only 2 champs which are {{champion:245}} (AP not tank , I kinda hate meta) and {{champion:113}} . I spammed them A LOT till I got Plat V ( YAYUH! ). I reached Plat 2 at some point but , like an idiot I am , I got demoted till Plat IV . Why? Because small errors makes a "great work". **Kappa** . At the end , I got my dream for this season "Being at least Plat III or above" and I'm happy! **** **_What will you do in pre-season?_** I will try to main {{champion:7}} and {{champion:161}} , maybe I will start to watch series (Anime? Dunno.) **** **_What do you want to achieve next season?_** I would like to climb till Diamond IV nothing more. ****
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