LoL is No Longer Interesting For Me :( (has nothing to do with game state)

Am I currently playing LoL? No Is LoL currently interesting for me? No What is the most game I had fun with? LoL Anyone else who has such controversial points of view? I am no longer interested in LoL even though I was literally addicted to it and this makes me sad honestly. I have this strange attitude. No matter how much a game is funny and no matter how much I am attached to it, when I achieve what I wanted to in the game it looses my interest with respect to me. It is like magic! All the addiction, the passion, the interest just disappear when I achieve what I wanted to in any game. Maybe this is a bless in certain situations but the bad thing about it is that you can no longer enjoy your best played game ever. Anyone else who share this mentality? I guess you can't answer me because it is almost impossible to predict that this thing will loose its value in the future when you achieve what you wanted to.
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