My thoughts on the balance changes in 6.3

**Jax** is getting a buff? Did he seem weak? I don't think so. Well done, balance team, another swing and a miss. **Xin Zhao** will be banned from now on, ad ratio scaling on his heal, crit on third strike? Riot must provide some good weed, because they're tripping. **Ryze**'s ultimate's cooldown is lower by 10 seconds on all ranks. Another "smart" move, let's keep the keyboard face mashing champions on the Rift shall we. I'm happy for **Akali**, because she's been getting no love for a long time, good job on that one, sincerely. A much needed nerf on **Graves**' late game power, getting his Q base damage lowered by 65. Say hello to Riven mains coming out from under their rocks with the new Duskblade of Draktharr's passive. I don't know why Dead Man's Plate was nerfed on the slow and got the price increased, the logic is real. Thanks for giving Randuin's Omen some love, thank you. And also Phantom Dancer, a much needed price reduction because 2800 for what it provides is too much. Overall grade: 5/10
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