as someone that has never been banned nor gotten a chat restriction, and played since season 2

there is only 1 game i remember i got so mad at that i did something really bad. luckily it was just 1 game so no warning or ban. i was playing normals and i was teamed up with a premade of 4, and these guys were just terrible, they were constantly flaming really terrible things, but not at me, at the enemies. they would say the worst things ever to the enemies in all chat, to the point where i was embarrassed to be on their team. anyway we were way ahead, it was the 40th minute or more in the game, we basically had it won, there was no way to lose it. so the 4 man premade went into flaming overdrive telling the enemy team to kill themselves and quit lol and stuff, anyway, i decided i was gonna eat a loss just to not see them win, so i engaged, and as i engaged, i got a fantastic grab on the enemy team, but stunned a minion on purpose and didnt use my ult, we got wiped and the death timers gave the enemy team enough time to end the game. my team didnt even notice i didnt ult or that i missed my stun, so they didnt even bother flaming me, they just didnt get what happened. losing never felt so good.
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