I really hope somebody from Riot seees this

Honestly i came to this game just to lose another ton of nerve, to rage some more and to waste another month of my life. This game destroys life. How come Riot cant get rid of glitches for 9 WHOLE FCKING YEARS. How come when i flash my champion stands still while i spam right click, how come enemy champion with 0.655 atk speed from level one hit me with auto attacks after i flash and the animation for the auto attack hasnt even started? How come all of the toxic pile of shiet is getting bigger every season ? How come the matchmaking has been shiet since the game has been released ? How come some attention seeking turds whose parents dont give a F about em and have gone outside twice in their lives spread their misery in the game ( even though i mute them) and ruin any kind of "enjoy?????" that i am supposed to have ? How come some champions are stupidly broken with their skills,no costs or base stats and havent been touched, yet some champs who are not being played are getting reworked and fixed every month ? how come this shiet a.ss company cant do 1 thing right , yet it is still growing in customers and profit ? I am actually giving up and i wish and hope in a couple of years for this plague, disease called League of legends to die and be forgotten as the biggest vermin the gaming industry has ever had ( together with fortnite)
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