every champion in a nutshell (NO LORE INCLUDED)

Yeah this is a Poop Post and not a complain so uhh yeah Enjoy. {{champion:266}} : "Older me was better" {{champion:103}} : "I just dash around and make it impossible for you to lane against" {{champion:84}} : "I like playing Hide & Seek" {{champion:12}} : "get off my adc, bi*ch" {{champion:32}} : " I'll probably go Full AP and just one-shot you regardless" {{champion:34}} : "Eggnivia" {{champion:1}} : "Unlimited Stun Stacks" {{champion:22}} : "Pokey Poke you" {{champion:136}} : "Am i picked yet?" {{champion:268}} : "Rise, my sand soldiers!" {{champion:432}} : "*bard noises*" {{champion:53}} : "THE . TIME . OF . MAN . HAS COME. TO AN END" {{champion:63}} : "People say my combo is fire, lmao" {{champion:201}} : "I am the manliest champion to ever exist" {{champion:51}} : "I didn't shoot J.F.K you sicko" {{champion:164}} : "AP champs can kill me. Oh, Sike, They can't!" (But they can if Passive on cooldown) {{champion:69}} : "Get one step closer and i will turn you into a stone" {{champion:31}} : "It's dinner time" {{champion:42}} : "oh boy, time to bomb H i r o s h i m a" {{champion:122}} : "I'll give you a period, regardless of your gender" {{champion:131}} : "I'm a moon" {{champion:36}} : "Mundo smash!" {{champion:119}} : *long breath in* "Draaaaaaaaaaven" {{champion:245}} : "I can travel back in time and you can't!" {{champion:60}} : "yeah remember when you flushed me down your toilet? yeah i remember too" {{champion:28}} : "ooooh, naughty boy~ let me just kill you because you probably like the gray screen on your monitor~" {{champion:81}} : "so uhhmm people think i'm gay, and uhh that's correct" {{champion:9}} : "Silence! Silence! Silence! Silence! Silence! Silence!" {{champion:114}} : "1v1 me broski" {{champion:105}} : "you know, my pet shark is kinda hungry right now" {{champion:3}} : "I .... EAT.... MAGIC!" {{champion:41}} : "Mmmm, i love me some oranges" {{champion:86}} : "I'm a Gayblade" {{champion:150}} : "*random gnar noises* GNAR!" {{champion:79}} : *drink drink drink drink* oY FellAs, LeT'S hAve a LiL danCe, AiGhT mAte?" {{champion:104}} : "I'm literally a panzerschreck" {{champion:120}} : "The fastest kill in the West" {{champion:74}} : "Raise your Dongers!" {{champion:420}} : "WhAt CaN i SaY excEPT YoU'RE WElComE ?" {{champion:39}} : " -1 Movement Speed nerf, very funny" {{champion:427}} : "I'm just gonna throw Daisy at you so good luck" {{champion:40}} : "Prostitute. No further discussion" (One of her quotes: "Yes, it's true. For only $2.95 a minute, I will leave you breathless") {{champion:59}} : "I will trap you and i won't let you go, not even my teammates" {{champion:24}} : "lmao lamp" {{champion:126}} : "Yes, i will outrange you almost every game" {{champion:202}} : "I love art....and murdering" {{champion:222}} : "I am probably the only champion that won't stop laughing after one single CTRL + 4" {{champion:145}} : "hands down best ADC" {{champion:429}} : "Sorry , support, but you gots to go 0/1/0 right here, right now, on fountain" {{champion:43}} : "hahaha lmao R+Q one shot lmao" {{champion:30}} : *dies* *but also has R and a lot of dark harvest stacks* *press R* "UNLIMITED POWER!!!" {{champion:38}} : "late game ayyyyyyyyy" {{champion:55}} : "SPINNNNNNNNNNNN" {{champion:10}} : "you can't stop me at level 11, i AM the range!" {{champion:141}} : "huehuehuehue i'm going in.....you!" {{champion:85}} : "I'm a teamfight monster!" {{champion:121}} : "Hippity Hoppity, your life is my Property" {{champion:203}} : "Let me steal your camps, that will help me in so many ways" {{champion:240}} : "BANZAAAAAAAAI!" {{champion:96}} : "Oh You really think you're gonna escape with little d*ck HP after killing me? COME BACK HERE YOU C*NT!" {{champion:7}} : "Swigitty Swag put your lives in my bag" {{champion:64}} : "I just...can't see" {{champion:89}} : "I'm a sun" {{champion:127}} : "Freeze motherf*ckers" {{champion:236}} : "Where tf is my wife" {{champion:117}} : "I'll turn you into a squirrel if i have to" {{champion:99}} : *metal slug voice* "LAZER GUN" {{champion:54}} : "ohoho, i'm RoCk SoLid" {{champion:90}} : "Time to Ignite you, E you , Q you and Ult you, sounds fun to me" {{champion:57}} : "I'm a tree hehehe" {{champion:11}} : "I'm Usain Bolt but faster and armed with a blade" {{champion:21}} : "Time to make teamfights harder for the opposition" {{champion:82}} : "Welcome to the death realm, worthy 0/60/0 support, this battle will be LEGENDARY!" {{champion:25}} : "Let me just Q you and let you be stuck there for a year" {{champion:267}} : "Fish on land, you see, i don't need water" {{champion:75}} : "Oooooooh, Minions!" {{champion:111}} : "One Q and you're pretty much dead bud" {{champion:518}} : "My E is like a Morgana Q , but through minions!" {{champion:76}} : "Cougar Time!" {{champion:56}} : "Which one of y'all is afraid of the dark?" {{champion:20}} : "Saddest Death animation to ever exist on us" {{champion:2}} : *press R* "I CANNOT BE STOPPED!" {{champion:61}} : "Hmm, yes, indeed, ball time indeed yes" {{champion:516}} : "I don't need to go B to buy items, i'll just forge some myself!" {{champion:80}} : "F*ck this game, i'm going to be a baker" {{champion:78}} : "me? a hero? naaaaaah, i'm just a random citizen who carries a big a*s hammer around for no reason" {{champion:555}} *Pyke kills someone With ult, teammate gets full gold as well* "stonks" {{champion:246}} : "oh servants? servants?? oh yeah i forgot, i'm still a N e W champion" {{champion:133}} : "Imma 'bout to yeet this bird at you" {{champion:497}} : "I'm handsome, i'm Soooo handsome, i don't even need a some, or a hand, or anything, I'm TOO handsome!" {{champion:33}} "okay" {{champion:421}} : "I'm a woman by the way" {{champion:58}} : "see you later Aligator" {{champion:107}} : "Hop! Skip! Jump! RAWR" {{champion:92}} : "oh come on guys, i broke my blade, it's not funny! :C " {{champion:68}} : "I'm riding Tristy" (His machine is named after Tristana , "Tristy") {{champion:13}} : "oh boy i can't wait to be reworked again!" {{champion:113}} : "Yeah i miss my ult sometimes" {{champion:35}} : "Who's up for a threesome? i've got my friend with me, ladies, hehe" {{champion:98}} : "Whoop! time to be untouchable!" {{champion:102}} : "I am Dragonborn" {{champion:27}} : "Yes! Keep Following me , losers! Muhahahah" {{champion:14}} : "Rip inting sion" {{champion:15}} : "Lmao Boomerang time" {{champion:72}} : "GET OVER HERE, B*TCH" {{champion:37}} : "Crescendo" {{champion:16}} : "Don't worry, i'll just build full crit" {{champion:50}} : "I am the definition of Communism" {{champion:517}} :"- and so am i , Swain, more like , Swine" {{champion:134}} : "League of Legs" {{champion:223}} : "I am a top lane monstosity" {{champion:163}} : "We are going to build a wall! larger and longer than Azir's!" {{champion:91}} : "Parkour!" {{champion:44}} : "Mmm i'm so Fabulous" {{champion:17}} : "Yooo these shrooms are rad , bro" {{champion:412}} : "*laughs because he stole Lucian's Wife*" {{champion:18}} : "Bandle Gunners, 1 2 3 , i'm gonna end your Family!" {{champion:48}} : "I am the king now! get off me throne!" {{champion:23}} : "i can't die at all , i am immortal" {{champion:4}} : "Pick a card, any card, WHOOPS! too late, you get yellow!" {{champion:29}} : "Metal Gear Solid time!" {{champion:77}} : "TIGER! TURTLE! BEAR! PHOENIX!" {{champion:110}} : "Varus but without the double A thing" {{champion:67}} : "Push you against a wall" {{champion:45}} : "Time to S t a c c" {{champion:161}} : "Hmm, inspection time, yes, this floor is made out of floor, time to ult it" {{champion:254}} : "KNOCK UP TIME!" {{champion:112}} : "Remember, no Russian" {{champion:8}} : "I like the taste of Periods" {{champion:106}} : "Thunderlods but it's actually me" {{champion:19}} : "Let me just Jump on you and miss you completely" {{champion:62}} : "Bayblade! Bayblade! Let it rip!" {{champion:498}} : "Rakan you ho*ny f*ck" {{champion:101}} : "Artillery fire!" {{champion:5}} : "Mister, I'll make a man out of you!" {{champion:157}} : "HASAGI! CTRL + 6" {{champion:83}} : "Yeah meet my wife, she's a bit uhh, mad" {{champion:350}} : "Let me just hop on you and do nothing" {{champion:154}} : "I'm just goo" {{champion:238}} : "I will do nothing but use my shadows lmao ez" {{champion:115}} : "Kabooom! hahaha i love explosions!" {{champion:26}} : "Ekko, you're not the one that controls time, b*tch" {{champion:142}} : "Go to sleep!" {{champion:143}} : "I botanic, you panic" GOODNESS that took me hours to make, hopefully you kind of like it.

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