Join the King State Discord Server!

Join the King State Discord Server!
Check out the King State community on Discord - hang out with 5,196 other members and enjoy free voice and text chat.
♚ Hello Everyone ♚ Are you looking for a semi-active, event-packed, user friendly League of Legends server? Then ♛ KING STATE ♛ is for you! We have an active and reachable staff team that's always down to answer your questions and is always down to listen to you and your suggestions. Along with that, we have a Service Bot that you can DM if you need any help getting set up, or if you have an issue with a certain member. Along with a general chat with a bunch of fun-loving, amazing people, we have a selection of other activities and events that you can join to. ↝ ᴇᴠᴇɴᴛs ↜ There are plenty of events that you can choose to join via a role selection bot. Simply click on the given emote, get the role, and get pinged for when our lovely Event Hosting team sets up an event! Don't like the pings? Feel free to leave the role at any time! We currently have the current events: ❀ Tournaments (With MONEY AS A PRIZE FOR WINNING :moneybag::dollar:) ❀ Movie Nights ❀ Music Events (Such as Karaoke :microphone:, Music Jam Sessions :notes:, and More!) ❀ VC Events (Such as Debates, Discussion, and Community Meetings!) ❀ In-Houses (For both NA and EUW; In-Houses are custom games of 2 teams of 5 playing against each other for the leaderboard! You get a cool role if you're in the top 10 leaderboard on the Custom In-House Bot that our lovely IT people have made :smirk: ) ❀ Random Game Night (Such as Town of Salem, Cards Against Humanity, and ❀ Apex Legends Game Nights ↝ ᴇxᴛʀᴀs ↜ To make sure that we didn't overflow the new members with unwanted channels, we also offer sections for specific interests through the Reaction Role Bot, such as ❀ Student (This gives access to the academic part of the server, where we have dedicated and qualified Tutors to answer your questions for STEM and Language Subjects) ❀ Fitness (You can ask/post work out tips, post fitness pictures, and show your progress!) ❀ Photography (You can post your pictures, and get tips!) ❀ Art (Same thing as Photography, but then with ART!) ❀ Musician (For all your music needs; gives a free VC to jam out in and more!) ❀ Coaching (PLS) (For all of your LEAGUE OF LEGENDS Coaching needs!) ❀ Gaming (For the League of Legends normal chat, and more Games, such as Minecraft and Apex Legends) ↝ ᴄᴜʀʀᴇɴᴄʏ ↜ We have a currency of ♕ CROWNS ♕ on the server, which you can get in many different ways. You can obtain crowns by gambling the current ones with the casino bot, attending events and obtaining crowns for doing so, using the $daily command to get 1000 crowns per 24 hours, and by sucking up to those who are on the top of the leaderboard. What can I do with these crowns, you ask? Well, you can use them to buy roles in our shop, buy your own custom role, buy your own VC, and claim a waifu on the server! ♕ If this seems like a server and community that you want to be a part of, feel free the click the link below ✎ ✐ Please invite your friends or League Teams as well! Open to everyone!
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