Any advice? RL issues.

Hi, so at the moment i'm in a pretty bad spot. So the first thing is that i only live with my dad, yeah sure most kids only have 1 parent and its not all that bad, only that he doesn't really care about me. For example i need a new pair of trainers for my rugby training, he won't buy me them so i had to remove myself from the team. Another example is that my headset broke, he refuses to buy me a new pair so now i cannot talk to my friends or listen to anything that is loud anymore. He doesn't respect that fact that i like this game, he says that "its a stupid ****ing addiction that you need to get off of", only that isn't true, if i was addicted i wouldn't sign up for the rugby team. He stresses me out and when he does, i don't want to go to school, such as he threatens to just smash my computer, my attendance is 85% and dropping. When i was ill, a couple months ago, i was totally death in my right ear due to a very bad infection that swelled the ear tissue, preventing my hearing, it was also very painful, he forced me to go to school, he said if i went to medical room he would say that im fine and is not picking me up. Im 15 and i plan on moving out as soon as i can, i just want some advice because honestly, from my position i can't think of anything to do other than move out as soon as i can, and even then he won't pay for me so i don't know how ill get the money.
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