A Bunch of Dos and Don´ts for new Board Users.

Hello fellow reader and welcome to the miraculous world of the League of Legends boards. Before you start venturing into the depths of this pit filled to the brim with cringy memes, endless complaints and whiny wanna-be-reformed players consider the following list of things you should avoid or do to have a save journey and get accustomed with the locals. Do: - Whenever you see a circle jerk: Join it. Enjoy the feeling of belonging to an anonymous group of pitchfork-swinging, brainless babbling savages crying for the change of the current Fotm-Op-Banworthy-my girlfriend/boyfriend broke up with me after this-trend. Just downvote every reasonable comment and repeat the same low-elo phrases over and over without official stats to support you. Remember: Winrate is everything (except when it does not support your argument) Dont: - Never ever say something intelligent and reasonable in these threads. You may attract the attention of the horde and will be buried under a mountain of downvotes no matter how true your statements may be. Do: - Always hate on Yasuo. Sometimes on Lee Sin and never forget Rengar, Riven and Vayne. Broaden your knowledge about the stereotypes attached to the kind of player that like this champion and use this against these hellish incarnations. Dont: - Under no circumstance admit that you might enjoy playing any of these champions or even worse: might main them. Do: - Tanks deal too much dmg. ADC´s are useless and underpowered, Janna is for E-Girls and Assassins burst too much. -> Create topics like this and gain the trust of the community. Do: - Post useless memes with no value or contribution to current topics of interest. Funny Meme > Insightful comment. Dont: - Avoid the following champions and their mains in combination with these thoughts and questions unless you are in for some trouble and endless whining. {{champion:112}} -> Any Questions relating to the depth and morale implications of his lore. He is "no ordinary villain"!!1! {{champion:43}} -> Support vs. Mid lane viablity. "Shield bombing" {{champion:143}} -> See Karma. "Plant AI" Any Kind of Assassin -> Viablity Any Kind of Tank -> Dmg Enchanter Supports -> Skill Expression {{champion:104}} -> He should not become an ADC again. Also: Mafia Graves Shotgun sounds. {{champion:157}} -> Just don´t. {{champion:420}} -> Skin {{champion:92}} -> Animation Canceling to such an extent might not be the healthiest thing in the game. {{champion:106}} -> Who? Do: - Repeat this once every day: Riot is an evil, money-hungry company with no real interest in the player base. They are not willing to deliver high quality content for little to no money and dare to get financed by it. They dont care about the balance of this game, also they got bias towards a lot of champions and need months to finally change something broken. They never vary between Alternative Game Modes! Their Champion designers dont know how to create champions without 1000 Passives and the linear champions with old kits are way too boring. Do: - Flex Queue is no serious Queue. Only your solo performance matter in this **team **game. You better not have any friends to play with. Be the lone wolf. People playing with friends should never be considered when comparing the sizes of your ego. Do: - Hate on Team-Missions. See the point before: People with friends -> Bad. Trying to find people via boards (the same medium you use to complain about not having friends) and doing these misisons is impossible! Be social awkward in a completely anonymous environment. This small set of incomplete rules may be enough to help you on your first careful steps in this new world. If you feel offended by any of these statements you might want to take a deep look into the mirror and ask yourself wether you tend to overreact on certain things and let your emotions get the best of you. How much you hate change because youre afraid of new experiences. And if it its sometimes not better to think first and get some common sense before writing.
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