Time to main a new champion after 5+ years

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A handful of other people and I have kept for too long the winrate of Shaco above 50%, time to main a new champion after 5+ years in LoL. Maybe I'll go with Maokai, Skarner, Lee Sin or TANK Fizz or the non bursty Rengar c: Tank Shaco / Bruiser Shaco -> what do you want to be? A useless meatbag? Ad Shaco -> pretty much useless due to less crit and costly crit ad items + the fact that his ad scalings just suck Ap Shaco -> his early and overall game is cheesy, he gets his bursty powerspike midgame which is tooooooo much in a game where tanks and other assassins such as Le Blanc, Kata or Rengar dominate. Welp. Control wards fully disable the boxes and {{item:3092}} reveals him while he is in stealth which should not be, but for some reason it does. I've tested it, the ghosts get me while I am already in stealth before they were activated - they also get me when I wasn't in stealth but went into stealth before they even could touch me. Guess another bug made possible by your spaghetti code from your recent stealth / invisibility / camouflage rework. And now this nerf on his only viable playstyle right now due to his crap ad scalings, hm.... welp.
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