Way less flame in Heroes of the storm

- No global tchat - No emotes - One bad word = punishment (Someone said "retard" once = One day ban or more) Why is this better ? Everybody is focusing on the game as the tchat is barely used (pings are enough). - Yes, you can disable <<all>> on league, but most of people don&#039;t, or actually activate it to talk, or flame, most of the time. - Yes, emote can be used in a funny way (dancing with your friends), but i noticed it&#039;s mosly used to taunt ennemies with emote spam, which is annoying and only rage inducing. - Punishments on league ? Seems like it&#039;s not working at all, the toxicity is the same as before (even worse maybe ?) and it even seems that there are false positive punishing innocent people. I love both game but i think Hots have a greater system to reduce and maybe suppress toxicity
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