i am extremely fed up

ADCs really don't make the game easy You have so many streamers out their teaching ADC, why don't you guys learn anything I feel like I have to babysit my ADC non stop but they just keep doing stupid things It has come to a point where no matter how good i may be a bad ADC is enough to throw all my hard work away I'm constantly look for help, searching for help, praying that a support streamer will come, supports don't have those luxuries however. You guys have everything and still it is not enough, if anything goes wrong, you guys cry on reddit and you get ADCs buff, but it is still not enough for you guys You have no map awareness but you choose to pick champs with no escapes, get caught by extending all the time and then complain. When it is your fault. I am the support, my job is to support the whole team, not just you. If you can't play within your limits why make it so hard for me and yourself. I am honestly fed up I've played over 3000 games on support and I rate the lane phase of ADCs i play with a 0/10 You guys do nothing right. In all of my games today i did everything for my ADC so they couldn't get caught, and every single one of the got caught after a second of leaving them alone. Why has it come to a point that i can't leave you guys for 1 second without being caught. I ward, i ping, i tell you exactly what can kill you, but it's not enough In the end of the day I take the shame. So many games on Thresh and support and you are still plat? you must be trash. I put it on myself to carry, I don't expect much from ADCs, but you guys just don't contribute and it becomes very hard to carry. If i go out to seek help, everyone calls me trash, I have to hear it all, when in theory i should be good. I can do everything to win lane and keep an ADC safe, but in the end of the day you choose to still die, because you are too stubborn to listen, it is my fault. Because i'm not able to win. I'm giving it my all and clearly it is not enough when they 6th man on the enemy team is my very own ADC
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