Championship Ashe

Hello community :) So to the point! I think we all have seen the new Ashe skin and her splash art. At first I fell in love! But the next day when the excitement faded I noticed that the angle of the light did so much on her chest and so little on her face! Now I know the majority of League Of Legends are boys who don't mind that fact. And the truth is that league always makes female champions gifted with curves and allure. I am not a boy though and I don't mind the size... its average (for leagues standards). **But why should her face be so hidden in the shadow?** I know this is not important and might be the only one who's complaining about it! But I felt the need to share my opinion on this subject, this time on the right platform. I hope no one hates me about this, I feel uncomfortable bringing up such a small detail criticizing the artist who put his work and time in it. I still think she is awesome and very pretty and I'm still gonna bye her skin! - Something off topic thou still for Ashe. Since they changed her old splash art from brown (i think, it was a log time ago) to blue. She is still with her old colors in game. Personally I would enjoy her classic skin too if I wasn't reminded every time of the difference between splash art and in-game model/colors {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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