LOL ruined his life...

...and other stuff too. A friend of mine used to study computer sciences until he started playing lol excessivly 5h a day at the least. At one point he played 3 days straight with an amphetamin boost and got hooked on drugs and computer games. He stopped cleaning up his room or even go to the bathroom. No shit guys this dude pees in a bucket. I dont know where he poops but his room smells like shit. He wont talk to me or any other friends because he considers us noobs and we should listen to him. Hes confusing RL with lol and keeps saying shit like "you dont have any clue guys, ur all retards" something you would rather hear in lol. Anyhow he is completely isolated now, doesnt study anymore and is smoking weed all day and playing lol. 2 years ago this dude didnt even smoke, now hes doing other stuff. Main thing is his lol addiction. He wont even go out for a burger, because he has his client open 24/7 playing with guys from Luxemburg and wants to gain ip and elo, wtf. Addictive personality meets lol and drugs GG
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