A message to ADC mains

Many times, I will get my ADC fed. There is really not a laning phase i lose. I have a question, if a pro adc main, lets say Rekkles or Doublelift, get a kill lead of, lets say 3 -5 kills, in lane, what happens to the game? They win right, the game ends completely. Now why is it, when I get you so fed, 2k gold over the enemy adc just in the lane phase, you do completely nothing with it. But the only person you can blame is me, the support? the person who gave you these kills. Is that what Rekkles and DL would do? Don't you think it's stupid for them to lose in low elo, when they have a gold lead? I just want to leave it at that, because I know you ADC mains are very slow at learning. very very slow. By taking offense to this, will only prove me right, so think about that too.
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