League changed my gaming life

This thread is off-topic. I wanted to speak about League and how it affected my personal behavior and life. I want to start by saying that, I used to play a lot of games before starting League. I was having fun and I knew that gaming is supposed to bring joy and happiness. Even in a loss, I used to accept it. After joining this community in June of 2016, I started playing a lot of league. I was that newbie who was building sighstone and other gold income items. You know, just to feel rich. I bought my first champion who was {{champion:5}} and I hated him. After playing some games I actually started loving him and I became an OTP without even noticing it. **_Anyways_**, when I finally reached the final level(30), I was another person. I was flaming a lot because I thought it was cool or something. I have never been so angry like that in another team game. If my teammate died one or two times I started flaming him because others teach me to do so. It is like being a kid. When you see something very often, it becomes a part of you and you think it's normal. I am very sad about that. I wasted so much time flaming teammates, that I didn't even enjoy the game. I am currently honor level 1. I got to that level because once I flamed a teammate who fed intentionally. He got banned anyways. With this thread, I want to spread a message, which will probably die in the "**New**" section. Don't flame. If you've got anger issues like me, disable the chat or keep your mouth shut. It's totally not worth it. Have a good day
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