Too many people whining over URF

Are there really this few people who enjoyed the gamemode as much as I did? Honestly seeing how all these people whine when someone picks a champ which they deem as "op" is ridiculous and makes it feel like there are really few people who don't tilt over a gamemode meant for fun. Every single champion in the game is op if played properly. URF is a FUN game mode where people pick champs they think of as fun, if you call other people tryhard for picking "op" champs, then really you're the only tryhard here. If you care so much about winning that you feel the need to drag other people down for picking champs that you might think of as strong, it really underlines my point. I couldn't care less what other people pick, I just pick champions I wanna try out and have fun with friends. You people who complain all the time, should too. I've had a blast playing this game mode. First it was URF in 2014, Then NURF in 2015 and NURF in 2016 Rotating queue. Every time it was available it was the only thing I played, I could go playing 10-15 games a day. URF is a game where you can both mechanically improve and also have extremely fun with the correct mind set. With the 80% cooldown from the beginning, you can improve your combos, engrave them into your brain so at one point you don't even need to focus at all to pull them off and so much more. I'm just sad this lasted only 2 and a half days. They should implement this as a permanent game mode for people who need to take a break from ranked.

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