the reason my ign is the way it is

honestly i don't love riot so much but this account has a little "story" behind it not just omg hes so edgy he hates riot for no reason and this is why he creates account with offensive ign!!1!1! so i had this little nice "smurf" account on euw server but let's just call it an alt different than this one and i had lux in it and i opened elementalist lux permanent shard from a loot chest! and that made me so happy bc i love both lux and that skin this is like the only time riot has done something good for me in all the time i played cause most lootboxes chest skins are CRAP anyways being the little toxic fuccboi i was at that time i was flaming whenever i had a trashtalker on enemy team or feeders on my team i got 14 days suspension i stopped playing and forgot about the account fast forward few months i go back to playing this account and i completely forgot about previous suspension (really bad mistake) and to my bad luck all the games i played on it at that time were tilting so many games in a row only feeders feeders feeders feeders and shittalkers in enemy team i snapped i lost the account permanently i lost my luxie skin my best skin i had that might not look important to u but that made me really sad at the time, that sadness turned into pure anger why would riot give me 1 nice thing then take it away from me while constantly throwing trash allies and assholes in my games non stop I couldn't explain to myself i couldn't deal with it, i eventually decided fk rito create a new account troll every game for the rest of my life so i pay this shitty community back for trolling me and demeaning me so much for all this time and the name is self explanatory at this point , i decided against it before i troll even a single game, playing the game for fun and winning was much much more fun than mindless trolling, i was sad a bit for being put on the smurf queue even if i wasn't that good tho (currently bronze/iron) but it was still kind of exciting playing against people better than me, the point is i don't think i am that evil i didn't troll after all not that time but i was just angry for losing the only good thing i had from playing this shit game for too long and that's it i guess
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