Does Riot give a damn about the smaller player bases?

So yeah, Title is probably pretty self explanatory but the longer version would be, Does Riot actually care? So far some pretty major changes have been made for unpopular champions that would have never been made to the more popular champs, be it taking away unique abilities, major stat changes or even being completely changed to the point where you cant even recognize them anymore. Aatrox, Sona, Soraka, Galio, Zilean and many more champions have faced problems where they got changes, nerfs and reworks despite having some of the smallest pickrate in the game and though Aatrox and Galio have both seen good because of their changes Sona, Soraka and Zilean are at an alltime low, Sona having a 2.7% pickrate while Zilean has a 0.9% pickrate Heck supports are so unpopular and unloved at the moment that many botlanes opt for having a second mage in their botlane for extra damage instead of a healer of buffer. And yes soraka's rapid fire healing is strong, and yes having a point and click bomb which can be used twice at level two is toxic to the game but these champions are so unloved why take away what little they have. I cant remember the last time I actually saw a Sona, Zilean, Soraka or heck even a Janna in lane. The last thing I want to say is yes, I know riot is a company and so it would target it's larger audiences but from time to time it straight up feels like the smaller player bases are being ignored with items like Redempion as a type of placeholder for actual change to actually improve things like the bot lane. (PS. As you may be able to tell, I'm a support main which is why so much is about the bot lane and supports though this could be applied to any unpopular champion as well, say as example Soraka who lost her ability to give mana, the thing that originally got me to play her.)
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