What has happened to the game I once loved.

It's become stale again. LCS has ruined league for the worse, I've not played ranked for 5 seasons, but the earlier seasons were just more fun and exciting. I started a new season and well, its rubbish. There used to be a variety of champs you could play, where you wanted to play. Yes, you can do that now, but it's not viable anymore. You have to play a handful of junglers to stay relevant and none of them are tanks, what in the shit happened to tank jungling? When did that fall off? Even that annoying %%%% illano can build damage items and still be considered a meat shield. This isn't about x, y or z champs, this is about what has happened and where league is going. I used to love ranked, getting skins. But now, it's just a grind that I don't think I can be bothered in. Yeah, I'm trash, but that isn't important. What is important is the message : make league exciting again for the old veterans. Sure, the community is there, still as toxic and trash as ever, but this season is boring having the same champs in and out of every game. It's just rubbish now and I hope that RITO understands that league has become stale and is not once the gem it once was.
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