where the hell did i go wrong.

i seem to be in bronze v hell, there no escape. i get to 100Ip, then i go right back to 0 after about 4 games, this game can be rewarding and cruel at the same time, is there any point trying to play ranked or should just give up and accept that there no way i'm getting out and that i'm 100% a trash player and should probably quit after 6 years. i clearly can't carry, my score says i'm a dumbass. man i'm so beaten down after a ranked game, i just feel, its pointless to carry on. hell i feel that about everything. sometimes i ask, why do i try to live, when i'm rubbish at everything, from games, to looks, to even the simplest of task. i want to cry, but i feel i'm wasting my time. i feel like i have wasted the last 20 years of my life. if you are reading this hell i don't care anymore. finding a hobby is hard your truly a pro loser (paper V)
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