Cho'Gath ulted me

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So I was just floating about the rift, minding my own business, doing whatever tentacle-y sh^t {{champion:161}} does. When, out of nowhere, like switching off a light-bulb... _93._ _Percent._ **_True Damage._** You literally don't get to see my health-bar drop. I'm dead too fast for Riot's technology to display it. {{champion:31}} doesn't slay champions; he obliterates them from existence. I think I actually **_felt_** the force through my computer screen, of {{champion:31}} 's R, but of course, only a few seconds after I was already dead because I'm fairly sure that 93-0 point-and-click eclipsed light-speed. That ult was dropped on my ass so hard, I got a blue screen, and the keys shot out of my keyboard in random directions, before arranging into the words "owned scrub" on my bedroom floor. I do in fact believe that ult hit so hard, I inadvertently became a horcrux for {{champion:161}}, hence his returning back to life following such improbable odds. You see is this guys face {{champion:31}}? Right here{{champion:31}}? This {{champion:31}} guy? Just **_look_** at him; those eyes, and that big toothy grin. Even HE knows someone at Riot done goofed, when they made a point and click ability that can overkill champions who don't have 3000 HP. But oh well. I'm just silver, so what do I really know? He's probably not thaaat OP, right?
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