Discuss: Make all champions available to pick

My thoughts: 2 friends and I were sitting in the Campus-Pub discussing games in general. And then the League v Dota topic came up, because 2 of us play league and the other 1 play Dota. Well he said he won't play league for 2 reasons: Reason 1: He hasn't played Dota for 3 months now and playing League will only make him want to start playing Dota again (he's taking a break). Reason 2: He doesn't have all the champs available to play with. Reason 2 got us discussing on why league should and should not make all champions available to pick... My reason was (whether it is valid or not) league makes money of players buying skins, not champs, so they might as well make more champions available to buy skins off... the opposing argument was that making you play for IP to buy skins will make you addicted to the game. This is just a few examples that came up... what do you guys think? Should all champions be available? y/n and why?
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