Where is the justice? (Nightblue and Riot games)

Nightblue3 gets his teammate banned for playing roaming teemo support thanks to his 'riot friend'
https://www.twitch.tv/nightblue3 https://www.twitch.tv/famousnubrac
This guy CLEARLY didn't internationally feed, or even go toxic, or even griefed and he still got a 2 weeks of ban because WOW nightblue is known, he's a huge streamer! We gotta listen to that guy! And I thought all players have same rights, are equal but no, the rest are nothing. Actually, without us players, streamers are NOTHING. Think about it. Unban this innocent player. This player clearly tried to play (note that this guy has 80% winrate in last 20 games) while nightblue AFK:ed that game in which resulted into 2 weeks ban for the innocent player. He was just doing his own bussiness! And the fact that you are allowing this to happening is really, really tragic for the most people. And to be fair, BAN NIGHTBLUE. He was REALLY TOXIC. Like REALLY TOXIC. Also, Fire that riot employeer.

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